Jenny Williams

''Our Jenny'' 25th November 1935 - 31st January 2005 ''Forever in our hearts''

Back in Dundee Scotland in 1971 Jenny and myself were thinking of planning a holiday to Canada for the following year and around that same time there was a song being played on the radio called Canadian Pacific sung by an up and coming young man named George Hamilton 1V.

too many Country songs made it into the top 50 sellers at that time but this one did get into the British charts both as a single and an album and Jenny just loved it and every time she heard it on the radio she would start singing the  words and so we ended up buying this new record which was released on one of the old discs known at that time as a 45 When we moved to Canada in 1973 the record moved with us surviving several more moves and even a basement fire.

Today in 2007 some 37 years since its release I still have the original disc in almost mint condition which brings me to the next part of this remarkable story, Jenny and I had visited Nashville three or four times during our lifetime without ever meeting up with the original singer yet it seems things happen for a reason because in early November this year I had reason to attend an annual Banquet hosted by my friend Bill Webster.

 Close by to where I now live in Brampton On. it also just happened to be my Granddaughter Chelsea's birthday so I asked her to accompany me for this very special event that was about to unfold, you see I knew who was going to be providing the entertainment that evening and you may have guessed by now who that person was and I could not miss it for anything, yes it was none other than George Hamilton IV himself.

 George was superb putting on a fantastic show and singing some of his biggest hits includung Abiline, Early Morning Rain and of course Jenny's favourite Canadian Pacific, after the show I got to sit down and talk with George for a while and he was just amazed to see one of his earliest recordings in the shape of my 45 still around today. When I told him about Jenny he asked me for the record and wrote a wonderful verse to her on the sleeve cover of the disc.

 What a loving and caring person he is and he was quick to invite me to go backstage with him at the Grand Ole Opry should I ever return to Nashville. So now if there is a day that comes by and I feel just a little down all I do is think of some of those special memories from the past that may not have seemed like much at the time but have taken on a whole new meaning for me today.

I never thought for a moment that some of the simplest things that happened in our lives a long, long time ago would return years later to bring warmth and comfort when we need it the most, now I know different and it sure makes me appreciate life today.

Thanks George.



Scrapbook Photos
Reproduced with Kind Permission of
George Hamilton IV