Jenny Williams

''Our Jenny'' 25th November 1935 - 31st January 2005 ''Forever in our hearts''

One of Jenny's favourite pastimes without doubt had to be looking at cards and she would literally spend hours in stores searching until she found ''the'' perfect one. Jenny had a habit of buying her cards real early and holding on to them for just the right occassion, and the words on them just had to meet the purpose or they quickly went back on the shelf. Today our grand children are still receiving birthday cards from their grandmother and they tell me they love it.

Jenny also loved to send and receive holiday cards and calendars and her family and many friends knew this and every time they went off on vacation cards would start showing up at the house, I would like to share with you just some of the cards in her collection and I know some of you will recognize the ones that you sent, I just want you all to know that Jenny appreciated and loved every single one.

Jenny thanks you.





Jenny loved to poke fun at her many friends who came from that other part of the British Isles called England,needless to say they all took it in the way it was intended just pure good fun,this card says it all.