Jenny Williams

''Our Jenny'' 25th November 1935 - 31st January 2005 ''Forever in our hearts''


     My sincere thanks to the following individuals for providing the information 

     contained in the Grief Library Pages, Letter from Heaven and Coming Events


                                  Bill Webster, Grief Journey.

                              Ethel Lane, Coping with Bereavement.

                         Heather Campbell, Coping with Bereavement.

             Christine Offidani and the staff of Brampton Memorial Gardens.

                                 Janet Hatch the Lung Association.

                               And Cindy Stehr for getting me started.

                               Neena for the Celtic Gaelic quotation.

                           Fatima for the ongoing Floral Arrangements.

                        Inspiring Thots for the Inspirational Flash Videos.

    George Hamilton 1V for the verse to Jenny and the 50th Anniversary Photos.

       Special thanks to my son Ian for A Mothers Walk and Psalm 23 in Scots.

    Gail, Cory, Brian, Victoria, Chelsea Ceilidh and Callon for being there for me.

                               Dedicated to Jenny With Love